Swami Khecaranatha

Disciple of:
Swami Rudrananda, long-time student of Swami Chetanananda
Lineage initiations:
Initiated as a teacher by Rudi in 1972
Other initiations:
Took Sannyas from Ma Yoga Shakti in 2001
Main Location:
Berkeley, California
Name of Organization:
Kundalini Meditation/Shakti Transmission, Trika Shaivism, Padmasambhava Empowerment and Transmission, and Para Devi Initiation Ceremonies. Teaches several times a week, and 4 day intensives in Berkeley, and 4 week immersions in Hawaii each year.
Depth Over Time, The Heart of Recognition, Shiva's Trident, Wearing God's Mala, The Divine Thread
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Swami Khecaranatha began practicing Kundalini Sadhana under Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) in 1971. Rudi recognized him as a teacher within this lineage in 1972. He lived in the Nityananda Institute/Rudrananda YogaAshram for 30 years, and has traveled to India, Nepal, & Asia, spending extended time in meditation and spiritual practice.

He was a disciple of Rudi and a long-term student of Swami Chetanananda—one of the lineage holders of this practice. He was instrumental in helping to develop the Nityananda Institute/RudranandaYogaAshram. In June of 2001 he moved to Berkeley to start a spiritual center, called TrikaShala, now located at Rudramandir.

Rudi and Chetanananda were my teachers. Chetanananda gave me wonderful opportunities to grow and to know God. He provided tremendous spiritual nourishment and guidance. I am grateful for that. I only knew Rudi for about 18 months in his physical form, but he gave me the most important understanding of my life—that spiritual freedom comes from a total dedication and effort to be free of our small self and to live in service of God. Rudi taught me through his life—through example—that unconditional surrender and service are imperative for anyone who wants to attain real spiritual growth. And for anyone who is granted the opportunity to teach, that becomes the fundamental platform for continued growth. The unfolding of the spiritual process that was ignited when I was with Rudi has required tremendous work and commitment. After 43 years of complete dedication to my inner work I can truly say that I am still witnessing Rudi's grace unfolding in my life. His presence is stronger in me each passing year. I serve at his feet.