Acharya Premananda (previously Swami Ganeshananda)

Disciple of:
Swami Rudrananda
Lineage initiations:
Told by Rudi, just before he passed away in 1973, that he would soon be initiated as a teacher
Other initiations:
Initiated as a teacher by Swami Chetanananda in 1976. Given Sannyas by Chetanananda in 2008, received the name Ganeshananda. Initiated in Chod, Phowa and other Tibetan Buddhist practices by Lama Wangd
Main Location:
Oslo, Norway (and other locations in Europe).
Name of Organization:
Rudra Yoga & Meditation
Holds programs and retreats in various European locations: Open Eyes Meditation, Rising Energy/Shaktipat, Tantric Shaivism, Chod and Phowa.
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Acharya Premananda practiced kundalini yoga as Swami Rudrananda’s (Rudi) disciple in New York City for 3 ½ years, until Rudi passed away in 1973. After Rudi’s passing, Premananda continued his studies and daily practice. Although Rudi told him that he could teach, that was delayed due to Rudi's passing. He did begin teaching in 1976 in connection with an ashram established by Rudi. In 1978, he opened a kundalini center in Knoxville, Tennessee and taught there for 5 years. He began teaching in Oslo in 1995 and established Rudra Yoga & Meditation there in 2009, with affiliated centers in other European locations. Premananda was previously a professor of education and later a consultant and trainer in industry. His name and title were changed in 2015 from Swami Ganeshananda to Acharya Premananda. The change was blessed by the Head Priest of Nityananda Temple in Ganeshpuri, India in a ceremony conducted in January 2016.

“I remember well the day I first walked in the door of Rudi’s brownstone in New York City. Rudi gave me an introduction to the practice. From deep inside me a voice said, ‘You’re going to do this for the rest of your life, every single day.’ Rudi’s heart was wide-open, and I experienced a deeper heart-to-heart contact than I had ever felt before. Anything I tried to grab a hold of just dissolved. I felt that I had finally come home and found all that I needed in this life. Through this deep contact and the many years of daily practice since then, so much of what before was suppressed pain and tension has become a flow of energy and immersion in the deeper Self. Without Rudi there to awaken this experience and setting the growth process in motion, my life would have gone in a totally different direction. I am grateful beyond words to Rudi for that.” Acharya Premananda

Publications: Open Your Eyes Within (available on, Freedom From The Web of Karma and Poems to The Bliss of Awareness (both published as Swami Ganshananda, available on