Shambhavi Devi

Acharya and Karma Sannyasin
Disciple of:
Acharya Premananda
Lineage initiations:
Initiated as Acharya and Karma Sannyasin by Acharya Premananda
Other initiations:
Initiated as Hatha Yoga teacher by Yoga Vidya in the Shivananda tradition.
Main Location:
Zug, Switzerland
Name of Organization:
Rudra Yoga & Meditation
Teaches Open Eyes Class, Hatha Yoga and Pranayama in European locations.
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Shambhavi Devi has practiced yoga and meditation since an early age and has gone through extensive training. In a period of working in a very demanding and stressful job, she felt the need to work more deeply on her inner life, and she went to South-East-Asia to continue her yoga training. She studied with various teachers on Bali and realized that she wanted to be a yoga teacher. When she returned to Switzerland, she entered teacher training in the Sivananda tradition, rooted in Vedanta. Since completing the teacher training, she has taught yoga, pranayama and meditation for many years. Already completely dedicated to her practice and teaching of yoga and meditation, she met Acharya Premananda (then Swami Ganeshananda) in 2010 during a retreat he was conducting in the mountains of Switzerland. The meeting introduced her to Tantric practice and teaching. Through contact with Premanananda, she has found methods and support that add greatly to her spiritual growth and teaching.

About meeting Premanananda, she says: "Upon meeting him, I embraced the Rising Energy Practice wholeheartedly and began to experience a deep energy awakening. A very profound and liberating transformation process was set in motion."