Silver Ra Baker

United States
Disciple of:
Swami Rudrananda; long time student of Stuart Perrin
Lineage initiations:
Made a teacher by Rudi in 1972
Other initiations:
Kalu Rimpoche; Muniraj and Shastraji, Don Agustin, Thunder Strikes
Main Location:
Denton, Texas
Name of Organization:
Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness
Rudra Meditation/Shatipat and Contemporary Shamanism. Leads Purification Sweat Lodges, Sacred Pipe Ceremonies, Self-Knowledge Training, Spiritual Purification Practices, Clearance Change Work, & Intrinsic Spiritual Psychology.
Visionary Energy Body Paintings
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Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) initiated and activated Silver Ra’s inner life in 1971 in Texas, which began his life long search for spiritual meaning and purpose. He dedicated himself to the building of Rudi’s Ashram in Texas and inherited the Rudra Center from Stuart Perrin in 1978. At that time he immediately began to incorporate other spiritual approaches to the Center’s format of studies and training, since Rudi often spoke to him about building a ‘Spiritual University,’ which opened him up to honor all ways that lead to the spirit. These included studies in North, Central and South American shamanism, Aikido, Transformative Breath Work, herbal studies of health, forms of NLP change work, Spiritual Clearance & De-armoring, along with Elemental Purification Practices. His over all approach to self-growth and spiritual development is ‘The Way of the Disentangled Adventurer.'

He is the grand architect and builder of the Rudra Mandala and the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation in Big Indian, New York, Rudi’s old Country Ashram, where Rudi asked for his resting place to be. A beautiful Samadhi Shrine currently exists there today in that honoring.