Lama Lars

United States
Disciple of:
Swami Rudrananda and His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse, Rinpoche
Lineage initiations:
Rudi and H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche - Nyingma
Other initiations:
Rinzai Zen, Shingon, Shugendo, Golden Lotus of Yog
Main Location:
Taos, New Mexico
Name of Organization:
Grace Essence Mandala
Rudi Work with emphasis on the Cosmic Chakras, Kundalini Meditation/ Shaktipat, Shaivite, Bon, and Buddhist Tantra in an universal format, Natural Ease – Zen, Dzogchen
The Way of Radiance, Body of Light, Opening the Heart of Compassion, Dying to go Beyond
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Lama Lar had profound spiritual experiences as a child, most of which frightened him at the time. At age 12 he had the great good fortune to meet Yasuda Sensei and was tutored in the Japanese Esoteric Work of Zen, Shingon, and Shugendo. He was a candidate for Inka under Yasutani Roshi and decided not to pursue that path. He then studied with Yogacharya Oliver Black who was part of Paramahansa Yogananda’s inner circle. When he started having kundalini awakenings a friend suggested that he contact Rudi.

Lama Lar had first contact with Rudi in 1969. Even though it was by phone, it was an intense spiritual experience that changed the depth of his spiritual work. Lama Lar then went to New York periodically to work with Rudi directly. He also traveled to meet Rudi whenever he visited Indiana. Shortly before Rudi’s death, Rudi told Lama Lar that he would meet a great Tibetan Teacher and that he would find a way to integrate the richness of that tradition with the Work he had received from Rudi. Today that Work is what is taught in Grace Essence Mandala.

Rudi and His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche are my Heart Essence Teachers. When I came to Rudi I had been practicing serious spiritual work since age 12. In the first meditation with Rudi, He consolidated the Work I had done up until that time and opened the door to a Spiritual Work that was to transform me and make it possible to absorb the Work I encountered after his death. When I met H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, I realized that he was the Great Tibetan Lama that Rudi had told me about. When His Holiness asked me about what I had been doing, I shared Rudi’s Work with Him. His Holiness said that it was a type of Spiritual Work that they used to have in Tibet, very ancient, and encouraged me to continue to develop it. He then offered, “The Tibetans could help.” and then generously opened the door to many of the great Tibetan Lamas of His generation. I had to learn Tibetan Buddhism to know what to ask for. Everything I learned integrated into what I learned from Rudi to become the Work that allows me to serve my students today. In my 48 years of Spiritual Training, Rudi was the pivotal point that brought everything together. He is my Root Guru. He has not ever left my Heart.

Lama Lar