Kevin Wright

United States
Disciple of:
Swami Khecaranatha
Lineage initiations:
Initiated as teacher in Rudrananda lineage by Swami Khecaranatha
Other initiations:
Main Location:
Marin and Berkeley, CA
Name of Organization:
I am learning to be a teacher at TrikaShala, Berkeley
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Kevin Wright was introduced to Swami Khecaranatha (Nathaji) in 2011 by a close friend. Kevin developed a strong love for Nathaji and the Rudramandir community. This love and the establishment of a regular meditation practice led Kevin and his wife to move to the Bay Area to be closer to Nathaji in 2013.

In 2015 Kevin was initiated as a teacher by Swami Khecaranatha and continues his study in the teacher training program.

I am deeply grateful for God, this lineage, Nathaji, and all the opportunities to grow that this life has provided me.