Dharma Bodhi

Alive and Teaching
Disciple of:
Swami Niranjan – Trika Śaivism, HH Menri Trizin – Bon
Lineage initiations:
Trika Śaivism – Swami Niranjan & Satyananda, Bonpo Dzogchen & Yoga – Menri Trizin, Rudi Work – Lar Short, Hafskjold Stav
Other initiations:
Bon Tantra, Shih Family Dao, Lung Ying Dao, Zheng-Yi Dao
Main Location:
Costa Rica
Name of Organization:
Trika Method
Dharma Bodhi teaches Rudi Work with emphasis on the Cosmic Cakras, the Mahasiddha Tradition within Saivism, Bon, Buddhism and Daoism, the Yoga tradition of Macchanda Natha
Shardza Rinpoche's Ngondro Prayers translated with Geshe Sonam
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Classes and retreats in the Essence teachings of 3 non-dual traditions of yoga, meditation and warrior training: Trika Saivism, Bonpo Dzogchen, and Stav. Rudi Work forms the heart or engine empowering these teachings.