Bruce Rubin

United States
Disciple of:
Swami Rudrananda
Lineage initiations:
Bruce began teaching this work shortly after Rudi's death while living in one of the Ashrams Rudi started in Indiana.
Other initiations:
Main Location:
Los Angeles, New York City, and upstate NY
Name of Organization:
Meditation classes on Sunday mornings wherever I am
Screenwriter of numerous films including: BRAINSTORM, GHOST, JACOB’S LADDER, MY LIFE, DEEP IMPACT
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Bruce Joel Rubin met Rudi in 1967 after a nearly two-year journey hitchhiking around the world in search of a teacher. It turns out that Rudi’s store was only four blocks from where he started out. It may not have been necessary for Bruce to travel 22,000 miles when he could have walked around the corner, but without the effort he would never have appreciated what he had found. Bruce studied with Rudi for the last seven years of Rudi’s life and has been teaching his work for over 40 years.

There is no way to easily encapsulate my relationship to Rudi and his work. It has shaped, defined and inspired my life. My practice has evolved over the decades, growing simpler and, for me, more profound. Mostly, my life is about surrender in all its permutations. It is what I practice, what I teach and, on what I consider my best days, all I am.

Bruce Joel Rubin