This site is dedicated to Swami Rudrananda, known as Rudi. It is offered in honor of the living spiritual force that was and is Rudi. It is offered in celebration of the freedom made possible to all who come in contact with his grace.

The Purpose and Structure of this Site

The intent of this site is to demonstrate the living presence and force that continues to unfold through the teachers and students of the practice that Rudi revealed. There are many people who have committed their lives to the spiritual possibilities within themselves, ignited by their contact with Rudi, and to honoring that contact by continuing to teach his spiritual work. There are obviously many more who are students of this practice, equally as committed to their own spiritual growth as those that are teachers in this lineage. I invite anyone who is engaged in this practice to include themselves by using the form in the links section. This site is a growing organic site that will continue to unfold over time.

We have arranged the categories according to the following structure - a mandala with an unfolding lotus as the visual expression.

  • Lotus 1 - Teachers directly initiated by Rudi who are still actively teaching
  • Lotus 2 - Individuals made teachers by Rudi’s initiates
  • Lotus 3 - Individuals made teachers by the initiates of those directly trained by Rudi
  • Lotus 4 - Individuals who are participating in a teacher training program
    •      but have not begun to formally teach
  • The Field of the Mandala - Students of Rudi’s Teaching.

The categories are not a measurement of the attainment of the various individuals, but simply
a useful way to look at the unfolding of the living spiritual force that emerged through Rudi. Rudi’s impact is felt throughout the world to this day, alive in the teachers who are carrying his lineage, and flowering in each person who engages in this practice.

This website is an open invitation:

One of the great quotes I have heard about the practice and teaching revealed by Rudi is “This shit works!” Over the past four decades I have witnessed a tremendous flow of people engaging in this practice. I can say, without a doubt, that this practice does work for all who embrace it. This is a practice of growth and freedom. The growth of those who have engaged in the practice and worked in depth is the most powerful demonstration of the efficacy and grace of Rudi’s work.

Our lineage is a powerful expression of the power of the Kundalini, the vital force that is always present, already within every person. As teachers, our responsibility is to its arousal and awakening in everyone who asks for it by engaging in our work.

Certainly there have been difficulties and differences between the teachers in our lineage over the years. It is within our power to end that; to express the essence of the teachings of our teacher—to open our hearts and to transform our limitations. To those who are lineage carriers of the practice, this is an open invitation to lay aside any personal differences that might have arisen over time. This is an open invitation for each of us to honor our opportunity and responsibility by remembering what Rudi so often said: “Everything is a reason to be open, nothing is a reason to be closed.” This is an open invitation to express openness, recognizing that we are all simply players in this unfolding, and it is the Grace of the Divine that is the true source of the growth and freedom of every individual engaged in our practice.

Our work as teachers is to live in surrender to the Divine and to serve our teachers and our students. To quote Rudi, “A teacher should give love and free people from tension so that they can open to God.” This website is offered in that spirit. 

To teachers and students, I invite you to participate in this site as you feel appropriate.

In Service to Rudi,

Swami Khecaranatha

I would like to thank Dmitry Azarov ( for his generous work to develop this site, Swami Ganeshananda and Bob Sink for their monetary donations, and to Swami Shankarananda for the inspiration to do this site based on the Nityananda Tradition website that he developed.

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